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Imalis Training Dome

Apollon Hotel

If there were but one theatrical space
in which to gather all people, from all corners of the earth, to witness the human condition, then that space could have but one shape - the shape of amphitheatre. And if those players that stepped out before them had but

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one tongue in which to voice their words,
that it may go deep into their hearts and move them all as one, that tongue could be but one - that naked tongue of the heart that we call poetry. If, what our words and actions go into is space, where they come from and return to is verse, in a vital gesture of creation and exchange between word and action, text and space, poet and actor, audience and world. Those who seek to repeat this universal gesture

return to its primordial source


The Castalian Pool
Paideia Institute
Apollon Hotel

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This year's participants in Hippokrene II, will help our poets, friends both old and new, to develop works in modern English and Greek that articulate new composition principles of verse and action on the basis of their direct contact with the ancient tradition.

In its first five days, the 20-day format will introduce the writers to each other’s personal work process while exposing them to the primary sources of the living language, texts sites and artifacts of the ancient tradition as well as Imalis research and practices. With the arrival of the actors and musicians, the group will enter over the following ten days into the second phase of development work. During this second phase, the performers are trained in ethopoetics and the poets are provided with the unique opportunity of adjusting their process and materials to an entirely exotic creative medium and framework, in the moment, alongside their colleagues. Out of this development phase, each of the three or four writers will produce a finished product for performance, in verse, in the form of a monologue, dialogue or choral sequence adopted specifically to the circumstance, foundation practices and amphitheatric spaces of the ancient tradition.

The final phase of production will be concerned with finalizing the public presentation and documentation of the final pieces. Each year, we propose to our writers a theme, which they are free to follow or not. Last year’s was “making a new beginning,” this year’s is “healing corruption.” In addition to last year’s collaborators Simon Mundy and Vasilis Arabos, we have the pleasure of receiving Chas Libretto (Pulitzer Prize nominee for Drama 2012), and the members of Psittacus - Louis Butelli and Landon Marcus - as well as Greek poet and playwright, Stamatis Polenakis.