2013 Epidauros Live Project
- Our second year out with the University of the Arts' Central Saint Martins' Drama Centre London MA Course in Acting ended on the 26th of September and was, this year again, a great success. This year's version was enriched by several interventions on modal singing in the Byzantine and Persian traditions, with the participation of Mahsa Vahdat and Atabak Elyasi of Vahdat Ensemble, from Tehran.

2013 Dance of a Tragic Figure III, with ATSUSHI TAKENOUSHI - May 20th-26th. Orphic Descent into the Role through Jinen Butoh,, in which we continue to deepen our exploration of movement score, mask & voice with the introduction of folkloric elements of historic Greek dances...

IMALIS at the University of Warwick for the Theatre at the Crossroads of Language and Genre, at the Humanities Research Centre, April 27th for the presentation of our research with Drama Centre's MA Course Leader, Paul Goodwin: "Body and Stage - Meeting Grounds of Traditions Across Time and Space."

3rd ARTAUD FORUM at The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance and the Antonin Artaud Performance Centre, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY, LONDON
- March 22-23, where we will be delivering a presentation of our research titled "Raindrop on Still Pond: Epidauros as Point of Eminence and the Politics of Dampening in the Revival of Ancient Hellenic Theatre" for this year's conference theme "Theatre and Resonant Politics."

4th KUFSTEIN SUMMER SCHOOL FOR ARTS MANAGEMENT - Epidauros, May 12-18. Imalis will be presenting its Creative Communities Project and helping organize for the 2013 version of Kufstein University's 4th Conference in Epidauros...

IMALIS IN BRUNECK, SOUTH TYROL, AUSTRIA for the CBTS 2012 International SYMPOSIUM on "Tourism and Quality of Life Research" - December 10-13 2012. Imalis participated with a collaborative presentation with Prof. Wolfram (MHMK Macromedia U.) and Kaiser (U. of Heidelberg) titled The IMALIS PROJECT of EPIDAUROS - Prospects of Sustainable Development in Historico-Cultural Destinations...(more).

IMALIS IN LONDON AND CAMBRIDGE- October 26- November 1rst Imalis participated in the 2nd P:ACE Conference 2012 organized by University of the Arts/Drama Centre London with University of Cambridge on the "Rhythm of Objects." With the help of Drama Centre's MA in Acting students we presented a work-demonstration and a paper titled... (more)