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The Lyric Drama Gatherings of Epidauros

Imalis & Castalian Pool
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Imalis Training Dome

Small Ancient Theater Epidauros

Odeon of Herodes Attikos

Apollon Hotel

If there were but one theatrical space
in which to gather all people, from all corners of the earth, to witness the human condition, then that space could have but one shape - the shape of amphitheatre. And if those players that stepped out before them had but

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one tongue in which to voice their words,
that it may go deep into their hearts and move them all as one, that tongue could be but one - that naked tongue of the heart that we call poetry. If, what our words and actions go into is space, where they come from and return to is verse, in a vital gesture of creation and exchange between word and action, text and space, poet and actor, audience and world. Those who seek to repeat this universal gesture

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return to its primordial source

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The Castalian Pool
Hellenic Festival
Apollon Hotel

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Our project will provide resources and support for the creation of new works in lyrical theatre by a select group of young and established poets, performers and other artists (including composers, musicians, librettists, choreographers, designers and film makers) they will gather in Epidauros to develop new forms of dramatic verse, its application and expression, and to present the outcome of their work. Poets and actors of today, from all cultures, and languages, will be given the opportunity to touch, viscerally and immediately, that most organic connection between space, words and the body codified by the Ancient Hellenic tradition, in Epidauros.

Like Euripides and Aeschylus, on the same terms and in the same place, contemporary theatre makers and artists will have unique working conditions within which to connect with their peers and forebears in the tradition, and model their process on a shared, authentic and personal experience of their common, ancient craft. Continuing from this shared point of reference, they will further refine their work in virtual encounters, and a second live winter session, outside Greece, which will include presentations of work. Ultimately, the best of them will be invited to participate again, perpetuating within a yearly development cycle the exchange and continuity of works and practices as a cumulative refinement and dissemination of a world heritage. The first winter session of Hippokrene Font is planned to be held in the UK.

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